Fine Pitch / Fine Line

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The package technology is evolving in recent years, from Wire Bond to 3D IC. The IC Bump will be an inevitable trend. The advancement of packaging technology has influenced the development of the following technologies.


The shrinking IC size

Bump pitch keeps miniaturizing 

The improvement for IC complexity 

The signal transmission speed is increasing


IC Bump miniature will face two technology challenges. One is a tiny drill size and another is fine line width/pitch. The current measured technology can reach 20um of fine pitch and fine line.


Fine Drill Size


Replace the process of photo lithography for machine processing, combine with film technology and miniature drill size manufacture. Substitute 2D structure to 2.5D and establish relevant patents due to the reliability problems caused by the miniature aperture.  



Fine Line / Pitch


More wiring spaces are provided by L/S miniature. This not only reduces the number of layouts but also makes the design for Multi-DUT test. Moreover, the shortening of the signal transmission route will be beneficial to the signal quality. CHPT has pitch 50um mass production experience. In addition to the 25um set aperture and the set L/S 20um/20um, the testing project can be made to correspond to the process level test for 10nm wafers.

    ▲ 8 DUT                                                                   ▲ Fine Line/Space

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