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Join CHPT Head For a Bright Future!

CHPT has been focusing on providing interface board test services to the semiconductor industry since its establishment and our products are widely used and approved by well-known domestic and international companies. CHPT has a leading position in the semiconductor test industry.   CHPT has innovative and creative personnel who are devoted to developing new technologies and products for our competitiveness in the business market. Heading for the future, CHPT is in pursuit of more comprehensive customized services. Aside from creating the largest profits for our shareholders, the most important of all is to take good care of our employees who dedicate themselves to CHPT.

If you choose CHPT, you will bring your potentials to full play by having multiple promotion channels, comprehensive personal learning and development plans and opportunities for global development. CHPT provides its employees with multi-variate and competitive compensation system using regular market surveys to ensure better compensation. 


CHPT (6510)- The listed company with the most growth potential in Asia. You are welcome to join CHPT and make a promising future!

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